Looking in on MAI

We love it when customers comment on MAI’s front windows! 

Below are Building 1’s current windows, designed by local well-known artist Nedra Hawks. If you know MAI, you know that Nedra has been a dealer here – and dare we say resident artist? – since doors opened in October 2006.

MAI front window design

White pops against the red background, and several of Nedra Hawks’ original paintings are showcased on the walls. Looks like she had fun cruising the aisles in search of just the right white and red-toned accents to stage.

MAI front window design   MAI front window design   

Again, red and white – why not, with February around the corner? – showcase the slip-covered arm chairs while an over-sized mirror and lucite accent pieces keep it lighter and “now.”

Come to MAI and be inspired by the front windows. They are always changing. Building 2 even hosts a monthly “Designing Windows” series where Houston designers stage their special looks to inspire customers coming in the store. Hope to see you soon!