Cruising the aisles

Cruising MAI’s aisles is a favorite pastime for many of our friends (and our dealers, too), so we thought you would like to see what’s on our aisles, wherever you are!


Loving color…  or not so much? Accessories to add color and beautiful antiques to treasure are on every aisle in Buildings 1 and 2.


Does fall weather bring out the rustic in you? Fall looks have arrived at MAI. From rustic to elegant…


More classic looks like these can be found at MAI.


This large painted table found in Lyon, France, will accommodate dinner guests this fall. These whitewashed side tables can update a guest room for your over-nighters.

If you haven’t viewed our site’s other pages, full of available inventory, we hope you’ll do so now!

Save THIS date!

One of MAI’s really, really fun events is just around the corner… our popular, annual Anything Goes Sale!

Our dealers and designers will be bringing in the most amazing items – and at rock-bottom prices! You’ll find odds ‘n’ ends, leftovers from past projects, treasures from their own homes, half-bolts of fabrics, finds that “almost” worked, and much more. Our store will offer 20% off all single items priced $100 and over, storewide, and we’re hearing that some dealers will be discounting even more, booth-wide.

Come join us next week for all the fun. The hunt is on!

We can’t say enough about…

We just can’t say enough about all of the great designers and dealers at MAI!  Our 50+ dealers come from all over Texas and beyond, and include nationally known bloggers and designers, world-wide travelers, well-known artists and antiques dealers, and fresh, exciting new faces.

Our dealers’ collections and spaces are continually updated and always arranged in what we like to call “magazine-ready vignettes.” They often use their talents in staging MAI’s front windows, too. Here, we share one of our dealers’ efforts, welcoming customers now as they drive up to Building 1.

Using some inventory from her own space in Building 2, dealer Jodi Nash creates an elegant, soft, and inviting vignette to greet MAI customers.


Rustic to refined, European countryside to city perfect, the inventory in these windows represents just some of what can be found inside the store…


Inside Building 2, J. Nash Antiques showcases original art, lighting, and antiques (mainly from Sweden and France). Jodi’s – and all of our dealers’ – spaces are looking great these days. Come visit us soon!

Customer before & after

It’s always so nice to hear from our customers! Last week one of our loyal shoppers, Jackie K., came to MAI, “before” photos in hand, looking to update an area of her home. She sent us her pictures when her one-day update was finished. Quick and oh-so-easy!

MAI customer before pic

MAI’s Personal Shopper LeAnn Dunbar worked with Jackie in creating a focal point while using some of the items she already had at home.

These French gray shutters found at MAI (tagged in the store at $525 for the pair) were just what Jackie needed!

Thanks, Jackie and LeAnn, for sharing with us a quick-and-easy update.

What about it, customers, anyone else have some before and after pictures you want to share? Email us at

Pretty pictures

We’re thinking you might like to see some pretty vignettes at MAI these days… and all are waiting for you to discover!

Beautiful French antiques are enhanced here with fresh pillows, mid-century grape clusters and painted furniture. Du dernier chic!

Speaking of pretty pictures all in a row… and notice the Murano pendants that are lighting up this gallery in Building 1.

Slipcovered vintage arm chairs welcome you into a Building 2 booth that offers antique shutters, screens and a fun European water bird.


Other booths feature different decor styles that you may be looking for.

Looking for color? No problem. With 17,000 square feet and 50+ dealers, MAI has much to offer. Come see what you can find!

Big sale, one day only!

Stay in town this Thursday, because you will want to come to MAI. One day each year we tempt you with 25% off…

GREAT SALES are waiting just for you! MAI will have French lemonades, white wine, and tempting treats. An added bonus is a coupon to come back for more during the month of August. Bring your friends… it’s an occasion!


Take them out!

Who knew how inspiring it can be just to move an antique or two outside?
One of MAI’s designer/dealers recently had some fun-in-the-sun taking a few antiques from the inside out to her back yard. She shared her outdoor creativity with us, and we thought you would enjoy her garden tour, too.
A traditional garden seating arrangement above is enhanced by matching bistro tables – we love using those indoors, right? – and iron planters. Note the deer, shells, and confit pots, too.
MAI KLF2          MAI KLF8

Photos above show a plain wood fence taking on new interest with vintage iron work-turned-trellises and an antique French cross. On another section of the fence are rusty containers used now as planters. Exposure to the elements is no problem here!


For contrast to the iron work, a “real” bois bench — faux bois would work too, of course.

MAI KLF6          MAI KLF7

Placing an antique garden statue on a table rather than on the ground elevates visual interest, and the weathered driftwood makes it stand out. In another area, an old iron washstand, a Round Top find, makes a fun planter.

MAI KLF1          MAI KLF4

Vintage garden deer are grouped in a corner, and long zinc-topped tables await guests. Galvanized boxes serve as great planters/centerpieces. Ready for a delightful garden party!

More about mixing styles today…

MAI is mixing it up, and thanks to the latest issue of magazine Houston Design Resources, it’s easy to learn how!


Their article “Antiques Today: It’s All in the Mix!” gives information and how-to’s on mixing decorating styles, quoting numerous MAI dealers and designers. Below are a few excerpts.

Mixing decorating styles and periods is a trend that’s here to stay. Rooms that include a mix of styles – for example, one or two antique pieces along with a few vintage, mid-century and contemporary pieces – are most pleasing to the eye. Mixing antique, modern, and traditional design together creates a look that appears to have evolved over time. These are the rooms with the most personality and are never predictable or expected.” – Sally Wheat, Sally Wheat Interiors, dealer/designer at MAI

Courtesy Sally Wheat Interiors

When mixing a new piece or style into existing décor, the key is balance. A room’s pieces should be in proportion, the lines should flow together, and the color should blend in or repeat another piece in the room. Color used in the right balance can unify a space. Texture is important for visual interest especially when working with very little color. My favorite mix right now is adding contemporary to key antique pieces.” – Tamara Moore, Tamara Moore Interiors, dealer/designer at MAI 

Contemporary pieces with clean lines mix beautifully with French antiques and chinoiserie. For example, pair a white lacquer Parsons console with a Louis Philippe mirror, or place a ceramic bright colored gourd lamp on a Louis Philippe chest. The key to blending styles or colors is layering. You can’t add just one thing or it will look out of place; you have to introduce multiple pieces. For example, if you are adding a new style of chair, also add a lamp and an accessory of a similar style. If you add a piece of blue and white pottery, add another blue shade in art or in a fabric.” – Meg Lonergan, LeSueur Interiors, dealer/designer at MAI

Celebrating the rollout of the article at Houston Design Center’s Cruise Party last week are MAI general manager Kathy Swartzfager, Siri Roark of Houston Design Resources, and MAI promotions manager Marilyn Maddox.

Want to read more of the article? Complimentary copies of this issue of the magazine are available at MAI. Come get yours today!

We’re mixing it up at MAI…

Looking for fresh design inspiration? Cruising the aisles at MAI shows how our designers and dealers are mixing it up these days.

Love how the contemporary,  patterned pillows add a little sofa pop here!

A reclaimed barn wood mirror accented with gilding provides texture and contrast… and a little bit of fun.


These two vignettes, from the same space at Building 2, illustrate how subtly contrasting styles and textures easily work together.

054            061

So much to see! And, as our customers tell us that they LOVE, things are always changing at MAI. Come see what’s in – and in the mix – today! We are open 7 days a week just for you.

Look who won!

Thanks to all of our great customers and friends for visiting MAI yesterday! Our annual spring Temptations Market was a fun day for all, including the happy winners of gift certificates to use at the store…MAI temptations market winners

Temptations Market will have so much more!

You’re invited to MAI’s annual spring splurge!  

Enjoy 20% off store-wide on all items regularly priced at $100 and over… and there’s so much more!

Out and about…

You can find MAI dealers in so many places these days. Look who is selling on One Kings Lane this week.

Linda Gale White of LGW Antiques, shown here in her space at MAI, offers a large collection of antiques varying from classic elegance to country charm. With over 15 years of experience, she is always looking for just the right piece with great scale, superior carving and precise detailing. “My first thought is how will this fit into someone’s home?,” she says. “With that answer and if the price is right, I am confident in my purchase. When it sells, I consider it a huge compliment.”


Customers in Houston enjoy browsing LGW Antiques’ lovely space at MAI (images above), and those who are not in the area can now shop selected items on One Kings Lane. For more information, click here.